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Looney Train at Phyllis' Musical Inn

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About Us

In the Beginning...

We started out playing with a Beatles/Monkees cover band. Having enough of the Monkees stuff, four musicians went off to do the songs we all loved to play. Franklin Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, is surrounded by three rail road yards. We were always being stuck behind trains on our way to practices. Having laughed at Monty Python's Flying Circus, and two of our Musicians being with a band from ages past called, Spot the Looney; we came upon our name...Looney Train.


What Inspires Us

Despite sharing many of the same interests and pastimes, we all are inspired by different things that lead us to work seamlessly in a creative setting. 

Our mantra is: "If it's no longer fun, we are done."

We are still having fun!!!

Len & Stephen

Our Influences

We have been influenced by all of the classic rock of the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Artists include Tom Petty, The Who, Uriah Heep, Kiss, Cream, Alman Brothers, Doobie Brothers, Tod Rundgren, The Romantics, John Cougar Mellencamp, Badfinger, Styx, Pink Floyd, and more.

These musical influences have been reflected in our original songs.

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Looney Train

3201 Rose Street, Franklin Park, Illinois 60131, United States

(847) 254-6136

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Comfortably Numb

Got done with the basic mixing of vocals and music.

Playing and singing made it difficult to shoot video during the actual recording sessions.

Still Having Fun

Danny singing Jenny at Phyllis' Musical Inn